Salubrious Salutations

Hi there! My name is Jonathan, and I’m the Minister of Face for TESLA. I wanted to take a quick second and say hi and let you know about some of the projects we’re gonna be working on in the coming weeks.

First, I should probably introduce myself. I’m a native of central MA and have spent tons of time tinkering with a variety of electronics. I’m focused on one thing: the use of technology to convey meaning. To be able to achieve that, I’ve spent countless hours learning and exploring various aspects of technology, from computers to embedded electronics. I’m handy with a soldering iron, well-versed in audio software, and an unapologetic evangelist for Free and Open Source software.

Along the way, I’ve gained a bit of a hacktivist stance. I’ve followed the political and social aspect of the hacker culture for years now. Right now, we’re in very exciting times, as the Maker movement has gained so much ground and groups like Anonymous are being noticed for their hijinks. The hackers have very much come into their own, and are much less of a niche subculture than before.

A side effect of this is the advent of the hackerspace, which is what TESLA is about. It’s a collaborative workshop, a place where the hacker mentality can flourish and grow. We exist to impart knowledge and skill, and to show others how to get technology to convey their meaning. The hackerspace is fast becoming a fixture in the community, a nerve center for all the tribal knowledge the once-reclusive hacker has. We’re here so you don’t have to call the Geek Squad when your computer stops working right. We’re here to show you how to create that nifty program or gadget you dreamed up the other night. We’re here to help.

And so, TESLA is opening its doors and having a launch event on May 1st, 2011 called MAYDAY HEYDAY. It’s an open house with some barbeque, music, magic, and tinkering. TESLA will have its doors open with projects ready for you to poke around with. We’ll be giving tours of the whole facility, and looking for your input about how to make this spot the Arts & Artisan complex it so richly deserves to be.

Through May, I’m going to be working on the TESLArcade. This is an arcade cabinet straight from our workshop to your lounge, in an effort to revive the social aspect of video games. We’ll be making a few of these for some local businesses, and I’ll be documenting the process as I go. You’ll be hearing from the rest of the Admin crew in coming days, and about the projects they’ll be working on for this spring.

So, welcome to TESLA!


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