In Which We Kicked it with Nerds

Hey y’all – been a bit since we updated, but that’s because we’ve been keeping ourselves quiet over the summer. Figured now would be as good a time as any to update, since we kicked back off with a show this weekend – Lost Profit$, The Grand Arkanum, Jon Von Wonderful, Shane Hall, Dezrah the Strange and.. oh, what was his name? Orite. MC Frontalot. :)

We had a HELL of a good time with everyone who came out, show was tight, people were awesome, and the whole shebang was pretty much the best. Even got the obligatory “pics or it didn’t happen” pic.

SO. Now that’s done, we’re gearing up for madness in the coming months. For one thing, we’ve got our eyes on some oolong-term projects, and haven’t really settled on which to do first. That’s where all y’all come in. Here’s your shortlist of projects we’re considering – which to tackle first?

A) A set of arcade machines, loaded down with classic console and arcade games.
B) A massive multi-touch table for collaborative creating and.. well, because it’s just cool.
C) A low-powered radio broadcast station.

Let us know where you’d like us to go! Keep in mind, we’ll be working on all of these things – this is more of a question of which to get to first.

And in the meantime, we got an open lab this Wednesday, where we’re gonna be talking on softmodding classic XBoxes, as well as playing with game emulators and messing about with a few other consoles. Stop by, tune in, rock out.


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