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Checkin in

Ohaidare. Just wanted to touch base with those of you who follow what we’re up to.

For one thing, there have been some problems with our location. Severe roof leaks + lack of heat = not fun to be in the space. So lately we’ve been workshopping individually and letting our projects live in our homes rather than the shop. A shame, we know – but over the next six weeks, we’re rebooting the room and getting things back up to snuff. For the time being, public workshops aren’t being run due to this. We’re starting back up on 3/14 with the regular weekly open lab, and figuring out other workshops and projects for when things are stable again.

In the meantime, we’ve reached out to another educational co-op in the area, The Worcester Area Think Tank. They are a local academic co-op for young adults looking to further their educational endeavors by providing and interactive learning environment. Head over to their site and check out what they’re up to – it’s a brilliant project, and TESLA is extremely excited to be contributing to their upcoming technology program in the spring.

Also, we are undergoing some reorganization at the shops down on Webster St. Currently, the various artists and artisans are working towards tighter organization, facility renovation, and much more activity. More on that as it develops.

Keep an eye on our many social network outlets, as well as this site, for updates on our projects and shop. Definitely looking forward to lots of revamping over the next couple months, as well as an awesomely active spring!

Mayday Heyday Recap

So, MAYDAY HEYDAY was a blast! Big thanks to all of you who came out to see what we’re up to, and to get a feel for the whole complex. If you were there, you know – there’s a lot of something special going on at the Attractor, and we’re so excited to have you involved with it too! The afternoon’s festivities did not disappoint in the slightest. The music was bouncy, the food was delicious, the interest was up, and most of all – people learned things.

Guy Mann ran a LOLcode demonstration, showing the average person the basic structure of a program in an entertaining and fun way. It’s one thing to declare a variable, it’s another thing to say “I CAN HAZ $var.” Definitely entertaining. :)

On the hardware side of things, I had a ball showing people how to make LED throwies – introducing them to the basics of electronic circuits and showing them clever uses for simple components. And the whole place was littered with tiny points of light later on. :)

All in all, we had a lovely time seeing everyone, and very much look forward to more events like these in the future!