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Perpetual Greetings!


First, a bit about myself:

My name is Eric (a.k.a. Aleph Null) and I am a Co-Founder of T.E.S.L.A.  I should have gotten to this introduction sooner, but I’ve been tied up in getting set up in my new job over at the New Horizons retirement community in Marlborough, MA, where I am now an Activities Assistant / Technology Intern.  My main responsibility is to work with our elderly residents, helping them learn how to use the technology available to them in different ways, such as using e-mail to stay in touch with their families and friends.  My secondary responsibility is to work on various projects involving technology to help increase the efficiency of the organization.

I was raised on the southern shore of Massachusetts, where, at a young age, I became extremely interested in computers and technology in general.  When I was a child, my grandmother was a programmer, writing and designing software for dentist offices.  Whenever I would go to her house, there she would be, sitting in front of this glorious box typing away, creating something out of nothing; And there I would be, watching her creation come to life (so-to-speak) on the monitor.  She began teaching me how to use the computer to play games, and eventually to use word processing, and even a bit of designing applications using Visual Basic.

Ever since then, I have been obsessed with computers, gadgets, gizmos and any other form of technology I could get my hands on.  While I’m not as savvy with how the hardware works as some of my friends and colleagues here at T.E.S.L.A., I do know quite a lot about the software side of things.  If a computer gets a virus, or spyware, or malware, or even a nasty little rootkit, I can fix it right up.  If it turns out to be something I’ve never encountered before, I can easily find the answers I need.

<ego>I’m something of a Google-Guru, you might say ;)</ego>

Now,  a bit about T.E.S.L.A., and my role in our little organization.

T.E.S.L.A. started out as a group of friends (myself included) who were looking for a place where we could all congregate and work on various projects together.  We wanted to have somewhere we could all go to collaborate, trade ideas and insights, and help others obtain the combined knowledge that we have together.  After realizing that there wasn’t really a place like that in the Worcester area, we decided there should be; and thus, the Technological Enthusiasts Society for Life Applications (T.E.S.L.A.) was born!

As I stated at the beginning, I am a Co-Founder of this group.  As such, I’m in a unique position to help steer the organizations growth and development towards a path that we (the directors) feel will be appropriate and beneficial to the community.  However, we’re all very keen to receive feedback from others; whether they be members who’ve signed up with us, or even outsiders looking in.  We welcome all comments/critiques/criticism, about how we’re doing and what we could do to make it better for the people in the community.

We want to provide a place where the general public can come to attend workshops, labs, lectures, and basically start learning things they would like to know more about, regarding technology.

My apologies if this introduction has gone on too long, but I’m just very excited about what we’re doing, and I wanted to convey that to you all! :)

I hope to start seeing new people show up on our doorstep, looking for information, education, or simply a place to hang out with like-minded individuals.  So come on down to see us at 97D Webster St., Worcester, MA.

We look forward to meeting you!